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usually guys say "will you go out with me?" or "will you be my girlfriend?"

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The first one for sure.

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Q: What should you say to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?
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If you are 16 and never had a girlfriend are you unattractive?

im a girl. and i say if your 16 and never had a girlfriend that just means that your to good for girls. maybe you should ask out a girl.

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if she likes someone else?

Just ask her you never no what she will say

What should you do if the girl you like likes you too?

say that you love her! I wish the guy, JC that I liked would say that he loved me. KB. Ask her out! Get together! Be boyfriend and girlfriend!

How should a girl ask a boy out?

Ok I am a boy, what you should do is walk up to him say hi and stuff and say "I was wondering if you would wana go out with me" but don't say it in a nervous voice, chances are he will say ok or alright. I am 12 my girlfriend asked me out and was cool about it believe it or not guys are more afraid to ask a girl out than boys.

When a girl says what would you do if i said you couldn't kiss me what would a guy say to her?

Maybe he will ask: why? If the girl is his girlfriend.

Why does your girlfriend answer your texts but not your phone calls?

Hard to say. Maybe you should ask her.

What to do with your girlfriend?

it depends it not something you ask to any body cause every girl different and if say you ask your brother he would probable say what to do with your girlfreind what he would do to hes girlfriend.. so what you should do is ask her what she like if she likes walks at the beach or if she likes pizza orr anything like that and when you find out take her out to somewhere that is similar to what she likes

If you're friends in eighth grade say a girl likes you should would you believe them and ask the girl out or not?

If your friends in eighth grade say a girl likes you, you should ask her out. What have you got to lose?

Why should a guy have a girl friend?

A guy doesn't have to have a girlfriend. If you want to that's ok. Nobody should have to force you or say that you should have a girlfriend. It's YOUR choice.but if you want to have sex than you should have a girl friend.

What should you Say If A Girl Ask you Why Should I Believe You?

dont say anything just RUN!

What should you ask your girlfriend right now if she is sitting right by you?

You can say anything, but since it's your girlfriend, you can say stuff like love Do you like me? And such

When should a boy ask a girl out?

Whenever it's not where or when you say it it's what you say :)