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Just ask her you never no what she will say

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2009-10-22 23:28:28
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Q: How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if she likes someone else?
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When your 11 year old boyfriend says his heart is to someone else's does it mean he likes his girlfriend?

He is telling you that he likes another girl.

Your ex girlfriend still likes you but your dating someone else what do you do?

the h-e-double hockey sticks with her and go with the other girl

How does a shy guy find out if a girl he likes likes him?

Have someone else do it for you.

What happens if a girl likes someone else and not you?

Move on

What if a guy breaks up with his girlfriend and he likes you but then says that he likes another girl?

Maybe if he does like someone else them maybe he just wants to be friends wih you and maybe he isn't the one...

When a girl asked a guy if he has a girlfriend does it mean something?

Most likely this means that she likes you but wants to see if you already like someone else. I hope that I helped!

What to do if you are going out with a boy that another girl has a crush on him?

If that girl isn't your friend then you don't need to feel guilty he is yours and enjoy that just because someone else likes someone you have and that likes you back doesn't mean you give up your boyfriend/girlfriend...... just ignore it

Should you tell a girl how you feel if she likes someone else?


What to do when the girl you like likes someone else?

Just leave them and move on

What does it mean if a guy is dating someone and also treats another girl like a girlfriend?

It means that he likes that girl but also likes his girlfriend so he is still trying to choose who to pick.GOOD LUCK!

How do you get a 4th grade girl to like you but she likes someone else?

your to little sorry ;) I say be nice to her. If she already likes someone else it may be smart to just be friends with her.

What you did when your girl friend going to marry with someone else?

you have to be happy with your girlfriend's happiness....

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