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well i doubt if you would tell him about you past sexual contacts . When he comes along you can lie and tell how virginal you are instead of being upfront and honest as he at some time will ask you, what will you say...the truth...not likely

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Coming from a girl (me) you should know (fav=favourite) -favourite food -fav drink -fav movie -pretty much everything like her middle name (her last name!), her birth place, what/where she was born-in or at-, so yeah EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD TOTALLY KNOPW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER

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Q: What should you know about your girlfriend?
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Is there a sequel to what my girlfriend doesn't know?

no...but your girlfriend should know where you are and what your doing at all times.

What if your parents come to know about your girlfriend?

She is you r girlfriend you should be proud that she is and tell them

How do you know if your girlfriend like you?

Well, she should like you, because she's your girlfriend. If she didnt like you, she wouldn't be your girlfriend

How should you confront a guy that you are upset with because he cheated on his girlfriend with you?

Did you not know he had a girlfriend? If he was hiding it from you... i'd say slap him/kick him in the balls and let his girlfriend know what he did.

Is the book what my girlfriend doesn't know any good?

AWESOME BOOK, but you should read, what my mother doesnt know, before you read, what my girlfriend doesnt know... its the book before what my girlfriend doesnt know!

Does sterling have a girlfriend?

yes he does. I should know I am his sister!

How will you know that your ex girlfriend still loves you?

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

How do you tell if your girlfriend's friend likes you?

If you don't know if your girlfriend likes you then you need to get to know each other better because she should like you before you become girlfriend and boyfriend.....

What is my girlfriend doing when shes out?

if your girlfriend is out and you don't know were she is you should probibly look for evidence that shes not cheating on you

Should I get to know my girlfriend's friends?

if you really care about her that much then yes u should get to know them or at least be nice to them

How should I get with my girlfriend?

Relationship is action and reaction. Try and know what your girlfriend likes and dislikes, use this as a guide to behave with her.

What should you do if you messed around with your ex and he has a girlfriend?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.