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get the stuff that you spray on it and it sooths the burning

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Q: What should you do with burn bubble on finger?
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Does a bubble burn?

the bubble will probably pop before you can even light it Different answer: If the gas inside the bubble is flammable, it will burn... assuming the bubble doesn't pop first. For instance, a methane bubble will burn if you light it, though one filled with regular air will not.

When was Does My Ring Burn Your Finger created?

Does My Ring Burn Your Finger was created on 2001-10-29.

How do you pop a puss bubble on finger?

Leave it alone.

Why when I write to much a bubble appears on my finger?

you might be getting blisters

What would happen if you toched an ember with your finger?

If you put your finger on a hot ember you will burn it

I have burnt my finger. Minutes later there was a water bubble on my finger. I have opened the bubble so that the water can get out. Can i get aids if i touch somebody?

no you wont get unless your open wound or blood comes in contact with the blood of a hiv positive patient

How do you stop hot oil from burning skin?

Normally when you get a burn it's always good to put toothpaste on that burn it prevents it from making a bubble and swelling up. It may burn for a lil bit but you should be fine. It may make a scar after couple of days you can put coco butter to remove the scar. If the burn is really bad you should go to the hospital. They have special treatment for your burn.

Does vinegar burn your finger?

Ni it's not that acidic.

Can Portable CD Players burn your finger?

There are no parts that would cause any sort of burning to your finger.

How much gas does a boiler pilot light burn in a year?


You do not burn your finger when you touch a tube light?

If it's fluorescent, no.

How do you remove an air bubble from IV tubing?

If you are a layperson and see a "bubble" in IV tubing, you should report it to the nurse. Sometimes a bubble can be easily corrected; but other times, it can create additional problems. NOTE: if a "bubble" of air is large, or if there are many bubbles, it can push an air embolis into the bloodstream which can create a life-threatening condition! A small bubble can be easily corrected, usually. Sometimes, the smallest bubble presents no risk unless there are many. If you are a professional, or have been trained to do IVs for a family member, you can place your fingers (index and middle finger) above the bubble, and thumb and pinkie below the bubble -- lightly, don't squeeze the tube -- and tap the bubble with your index finger and thumb of your other hand. Be careful that you don't jar the needle / insertion site. After 1 or 2 taps, the bubble should rise and break up, with the air traveling upward, back toward the IV bag. Again, if you are not trained, you should seek the advice of a trained medical person so that they can evaluate the tubing, IV flow, and the presence of the air "bubbles".