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that's not a question! you like your ex girlfriend who is dating your bestfriend. you already had her let her go! she wasn't meant for you and girls come and go! just like boys come and go! you will find someone way better than her any ways! just be a friend until then!

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Q: What should you do if you like your best friend's girlfriend who is also your ex-girlfriend?
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Who was Seargent Carter's Girlfriend on Gomer Pyle?

Bunnie - He also had many other girl friends but Bunnie was the main one.

What does it mean if you dream that you're going out with your friends girlfriend?

When we dream, most often our subconcious thoughts and feelings are displayed via symbolism. You may not have any feelings for your friends girlfriend. It could be that you are jealous of their relationship and would like to find a girlfriend yourself and put her face as the image of what a girlfriend should be. Oftentimes what we think about during the day or talk about can filter into our dreams, just like outside noises can also infiltrate our dreams, such as an alarm clock going off or other such things. I would put your dreams as nothing more than you wanting a girlfriend or relationship yourself and put your friend's girlfriend in place of what you are looking for. That doesn't mean you want your friend's girlfriend.

Why would a man with a girlfriend lie to mutual friends about something that happened with another woman who is also a mutual friend of the group but not the girlfriend?

He either thinks they aren't going to talk, or he's so dumb that it never crossed his mind the word would get around. Probably because he has low self-esteem and wants to get caught so his friends think he's a player.

Thrillville off rails how to get girlfriend?

Be a teenager boy. Be friends with a teenager girl (works best if you be best friends with the girl). Select 'flirt'. Pick what to say! Then you have to get full on every thing. Max relationships is important and you can be a boy or girl doesn't matter. Also choose people who don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend already. They follow each other. But they wont follow you.

How long should you be dating before considering moving in with your girlfriend?

It depends how old you are. It's really your decision and you should make the choice. It also depends on if she wants to move in to a place too. Also, your parents should have a little say in it. I hope I helped you out. Thanks! Your friend, ElizaMarieMoran<3

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Why do my female friends have nothing to do with me if i have a new girlfriend?

It could be that your female friends are jealous. They also might simply be giving you time to spend with your girlfriend.

Your friends laugh at your girlfriend and laugh at you?

If your friends laugh at you and your girlfriend then don't pay any attention to them, and stick up for your girlfriend. That will make your relationship go farther. And you can also know that if they make fun of you, then there not true friends.

How do you deal with a friends girlfriend?

You have to teach your friends girlfriend great manners and see if you care of her and also if you care of your friend you should make him happy and don't make the girlfriend break up with him because your friend wouldn't talk to you anymore and if you don't show the girlfriend you have manners and care then she will think she has a awful weird boyfriend because of his friends ( this means you ) so, all ways treat the girlfriend with care and manners i hoped this helped :D

Should you cheat on your friends girlfriend I'm 13 and he and she is to She likes me but she doesn't want to leave him cause she is his first girlfriend I also feel on her and she wants Me to?

Sorry but i did not understand that question. Please write it down a little clearer please.

What do friends with benefits mean?

Friends with benefits is, When you choose to stay friends but you also have exceptions. You will do things that a boyfriend/girlfriend would do like, kiss and other things.

What do i do if i set something up where i had one of my friends that's also friends with my girlfriend up to where he flirts with her and tells me everything she says and after it happens she stops?

If there is a situation where your friend and girlfriend are together and the friend is flirting with the girlfriend then your friend isnÕt a very good friend. If you girlfriend tells you everything then confront you friend about his behavior and decide if you two can still be friends.

What type of friends can talk about anything?

The type of friends that you can talk to about anything and trust completely are definitely best friends. If you don't have a best friend, it's easy to get one but you can't be shy. You can also talk about anything to your boyfriend/girlfriend at any time. (Or you should!)

How much time should a guy spend with his friends and his serious girlfriend?

Try to divide it. But make sure, never lose on of the 2 out of sight. This will ruin your friendship/relationship completely. It's best to find a balance. You could also ask your girlfriend to take her friends and go do something all together.

How can I get my ex girlfriend back now that she has a new guy?

You should not try to get her back. You should try to get over her. If she is happy then you should also try to move on.As heartbreaking as it is for you she has another boyfriend and you cannot make someone do something you want such as your girlfriend coming back to you. Be wise; get out with friends and start dating other girls and if your girlfriend sees you dating another girl it may just make her want you back (that's a maybe) or, you will find the girl that you really should be with.

How do you break up with a suicidal guy?

Stay friends with him afterwards and let him know that you still want to be friends with him...... you could also get him a new girlfriend

What if you like your friends girlfriend?

You really shouldn't do anything. If you really like her, then you wait until they break up to do anything about it .You should also probably tell your friend before you do anything, out of respect.

Is Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus like?

Ex boyfriend and girlfriend and also currently great friends!

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