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Try to divide it. But make sure, never lose on of the 2 out of sight. This will ruin your friendship/relationship completely. It's best to find a balance. You could also ask your girlfriend to take her friends and go do something all together.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-10 21:18:52
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Q: How much time should a guy spend with his friends and his serious girlfriend?
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Why do my female friends have nothing to do with me if i have a new girlfriend?

It could be that your female friends are jealous. They also might simply be giving you time to spend with your girlfriend.

Which should come first friends or girlfriend?

well that depends on you if you were closer to the friend then the friend but if you spend all your time with your girl and not friend then your not a friend

How much time should you spend with your girlfriend of 1yr?

Spend as much time as you can with her, as long as you're not being clingy. Spend every day you can with her, but make sure to leave some room for your other guy friends too.

Does your girlfriend has a right to tell you how much you should spend on ring for her or what you can afford from the heart?

does my girlfriend has a right to put a dollar vaule of how much i should spend on a ring for her

How much time should your girlfriend of 1yr and you spend together?

Spend as much time as you can with her, as long as you're not being clingy. Spend every day you can with her, but make sure to leave some room for your other guy friends too.

Is it bad if your girlfriend would rather spend time with her friends than with you?

Not always, sometimes it good to spend time with others. She will apreciate time spent with you a little more... As long as they aren't all guy friends.

Why does your boyfriend choose to spend time with his friends over you?

A boyfriend may choose to hang out with friends more than his girlfriend, because he may like them better. The boyfriend may also be annoyed with his girlfriend and wants to get away from her.

What should you do for my tenth BIRTHDAY?

spend time with family, then hang with friends.

Why do boyfriends spend more time with there guy friends then there girlfriends?

There may be many probable causes but the most likely are: 1. The girlfriend is being to "clingy" and the boy needs time away from her. 2. The boy acctually has friends and would like to keep them. 3. The girlfriend always have their friends around when the boy is with her so he feels the need to spend more time with his freinds

How do you know if you should move on after your girlfriend breaks up with you?

was the relationship serious? if it was then i think u should try again, there are always chances to get back together or if it was something like your girlfriend thinks u don't spend enough time w/ her or like that then its a question of whether or not your girlfriend is worth u changing urself for if it was serious and you truly love her, then keep going, well perhaps if she gets married, but its fair game as long as she has yet to have a ring on her finger if not then just move on with the next

Why should you not break the law?

Because if the crime is serious, you might spend the rest of your life in prison.

How do you make your girlfriend spend more time with you if she is always with her friends and barley notices you?

you need to stand up and tell her that you fell bad and if she loves you she need to spend a bit more time with you :)

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