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I think you should risk it. The worst that could happen is that you know she does/doesn't like you and your better off for it. I'd recommend the straight up approach, and just ask her to her face whether or not she likes you. Or you could wimp out and spend the rest of your life thinking back about what could have happened if you just got the guts to ask her out. Your decision.

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Q: What should you do if you are falling for a friend and you want to know if she likes you but she is just so unpredictable and hard to understand should you leave it alone and not risk anything or what?
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What do you do if one of your friend falling in love or try to flirting with someone you loved?

If that person is your friend then tell them that you love the person they love. If they are your real friend they would understand.

How can you use unpredictable in a sentence?

It is difficult to attack an unpredictable opponent.

What should i do I have Indian friend?

Continue to be that person's friend? I fail to understand the core of the question here. Why do you need to "do" anything?

What to do when you best friend tells you they're falling for you But you aren't into them?

You should let them understand that it won't make out. Being best friends will be better as relationship.

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What to do when you and your friend keep falling for the same guys?

You don't have to do anything! So what if you both like the same guy!? Do you and your friend have to do something about it if your favorite color is the same? NO! So why should this be any different, it just shows how similar you and your friend are!

How can you keep from falling in love with your guy friend?

If you are falling for him, then talk to him about how you feel.

What would you do if you want to be friend with someone who talk different language?

Learn the language she or he is speaking, and pretty soon you can understand anything he or she is saying.

How do you be unpredictable in a relationship?

"How can you be unpredictable in a relationship".. well, the first question is, are YOU unpredictable? If so, I doubt you'll have much trouble with being unpredictable in a relationship, you just have to be yourself. If the opposite is true, think about what you WOULDN'T do, try doing stuff you normally wouldn't even think of doing, or if you need help figuring out what you would not do, ask a close friend what sort of person you are, then do the opposite of what they say you are.

How can i get over a girl when i start to move on and i just keep falling for her again and i cant help it but i know that we cant be more then friends but i still want to talk to her?

That's exactly the problem.  If its not changing anything then move on and find another friend.  She can't be your friend as long as you keep falling for her.  Find another girl to give your attention to and you will forget this one.

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What should you do if your friend is mad at you because you chill with her ex as friends?

Well , talk to her , try to understand what she expects from you , try to make her understand your point , and after all , she is your friend , I think she will understand. And tell her he was her past , but he is not your present , he is just a friend of yours and I am sure she will understand. :D