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If you are falling for him, then talk to him about how you feel.

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Q: How can you keep from falling in love with your guy friend?
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How do i convince a guy that he isn't in love with me and still keep him as a friend?

The same thing is happening to best friend is falling for me,,,,and i know its awkward.....but just pretend nothings happened....fingers cross.....if not you might get distant

Why do you keep fallin for the same boy over and over?

well sometimes its hard to let go of a guy. if you love them then you love them nothing can change that. you cant let go of him. if you keep falling for the same guy then you must truly be in love with him

What do you do if you think your falling in love with you best guy friend?

it's the best thing that could happen! your partner will eventually be your best friend anyway as the years pass by :-)

Is it okay for a guy to say I love you to a guy friend?

You can just say it as I love you as a friend.

If your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

What should you do you love your guy friend as a friend?

be friend

How do you help your friend get over a guy she likes?

Keep her busy, find a new love interest and time.

How will you know if your falling in love with a guy?

If you need to ask, the answer is no.

What can you do when your best friend is in love with the same guy as you but you have already kissed this guy and your best friend doesn't knows that?

You should really talk with your friend and explain things to her - remember no guy is worth fighting over and you can keep friends longer than a boyfriend.

What do you do if you are dating a guy but falling for your guy friend?

well you tell your boyfriend that you do love him but you want a break and tell him you found somebody you have known longer and that you can trust i would do the same but not in an inappropreite way either...

What to do when you and your friend keep falling for the same guys?

You don't have to do anything! So what if you both like the same guy!? Do you and your friend have to do something about it if your favorite color is the same? NO! So why should this be any different, it just shows how similar you and your friend are!

Im a guy and should you tell your guy friend you love him without it being homo?

If your guy friend is truly your friend then yes. If he really is your friend then it would not matter and it should not be considered homo. Just say that you love him as a friend.