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The percentage of time spent in REM for an infant of 1-15 days is about 50% and 3-5 months: 40% and 6-23 months: 30%. The percentage continually decreases as age increases, but many adults tend to keep themselves in REM sleep for about 20-25% of sleep. Again the older people are the less they are in REM sleep and older adults from the ages of 70-85 may drop the amount of time in REM below 20%.

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Q: What percentage of sleep cycle do infants spend on REM how about adults?
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How many hours does the typical person sleep each week it is measured in the?

for adults like 7 to 8 while teenagers 8 to 9 and infants about 16 hours of sleep a week

How long does a cycle of sleep last?

Around 90-110 minutes for adults and in children it's about 45 minutes.

In which stage of sleep do you dream?

REM or Rapid Eye Movement. You sleep in cycles, moving from lighter to deeper sleep and back. A sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, with REM occurring toward the end of each cycle. The REM stage gets a little longer in each cycle; you may only dream for a few seconds in the first sleep cycle, and for a large percentage of the last cycle of the night.

How many hours of sleep does an average person get per year?

Sleep duration varies by age, and by individual. Older adults are likely to require more sleep than the 7 to 8 hours recommended, as do younger individuals (14 to 17 hours for infants, down to 8 to 9 hours for teenagers).Getting the optimum sleep in an average year (365 days) would total 2555 to 2920 hours. In one study, one-third of healthy adults got less sleep, and one-fifth of healthy adults got more sleep.

Why teens sleep more than adults?

teens are younger than adults and need more sleep

How safe are water beds for children to sleep in?

Water beds are not safe for infants or young children to sleep in. Children and infants can die sleeping on water beds. They can get smothered and suffocate.

What cycle of sleep are you in when you sleep walk?


The sleep cycle is approximately how long?

The average sleep cycle is about 90 minutes long.

How long does it take to go through the sleep cycle?

Depends on the age of the person, for adults it's approximately seven to eight hours per night. However you do have cycles during your sleep, these are "REM" and "non REM" sleep. These cycles last roughly ninety minutes each, not a great idea to wake abruptly from REM sleep cycle as this can cause you to wake up like the Gringe!

How much sleep is too much sleep?

That depends on your age. While infants should sleep between 18 and 14 hours a day, toddlers need 12. Children under the age of 18 need about 10, and adults need about8. Once you hit 65, though, you will only need about6.

How many adults can comfortably sleep on a set of twin mattresses?

The number of adults that can sleep on a twin mattress depends on the size of the adult. One larger adult or two small adults can comfortably sleep on a twin mattress.

How long do most adults sleep?

The average length of nighttime sleep varies among people. Most adults sleep between seven and nine hours a night.

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