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for adults like 7 to 8 while teenagers 8 to 9 and infants about 16 hours of sleep a week

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Q: How many hours does the typical person sleep each week it is measured in the?
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The answer to the question How many hours does the typical person sleep each week is measured in the?


How long will a person sleep after no sleep for 72 hours?

It all depends on the person. Some people still may not sleep. Basically, the answer to your question, is it varies. You could sleep for 3 hours, 7 hours, or even 12-20 hours. It depends on the person. If you are like most teens, If you are a teen, Then you can sleep for about 14 hours and feel recovered for the most part. If you are like me, You can sleep for 9 hours and feel perfect :D

How many hours do a normal person sleep?

It is normally 8-10 hours for normal person

How many hours should the person sleep?

Around 8 hours or more but you can sleep less if you wan to or need to so about 8 hours.

Is it good to get eight hours of sleep?

The amount of sleep a person needs varies from individual to individual. Generally, it is good to get eight hours of sleep, though.

Why am so tried all the times and can sleep for hours?

What can a person do who can sleep for hours and always feel tried most of the times

How many hours of sleep does a 19 year old need to sleep?

According to Dr. Richard Ferber in his book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems," an 18-year-old requires 9 hours of sleep, though the typical range is 8.5-9.5 hours. This is from his chart on page 10.

How many hours does a person sleep in 1 year?

if getting the minimum suggested amount of sleep, 2,912 hours or 121.333 days

How long does a person sleep?

Sleep TimeRecommended sleep time is eight hours a night, but some sleep more and some less.

Why do you sleep 12 hours a day?

Sleeping for 12 hours a day is not typical in a healthy individual. The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday for the body to remain healthy. If you are sleeping for 12 hours a day, you should see a doctor.

How much does the average person sleep a day?

8 hours

How many hours of sleep does a 33 year old woman need?

An average of 8 hours sleep per night is a reasonable amount of sleep.