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Swingers account for 2-4 percent of married couples.

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Q: What pecentage do married people live a swingers lifestyle?
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Where did the term swingers club come from?

The term swingers club is older than most people think. The concept of a swingers club and the swingers lifestyle began in the 16th century by European and Americans.

What happens in swingers clubs?

In swingers clubs people general engage in sexual activity with partners other than the one they are committed to. These are places where adults in non-committed relationships gather to express their lifestyle.

What does it mean of you call someone vanilla?

Vanilla is what swingers call non-swingers. Especially their non-swinger friends. People are referred to as either being in the Lifestyle, or "vanilla." I.e. Yes we can meet you for drinks but we have to keep it clean. We will have a vanilla couple with us.

What does the term 'Swingers' refer to?

Swingers are couples who share mates with another couple. They only share with one couple and usually all four people are perfectly happy with this. A couple who enjoy sexual vouyerism and/or having sex with other individuals or couples. This can occur privately or in a group setting, such as a Swinger or Lifestyle club. Swingers don't always have to have a threesome, but love to bed many of the opposite sex (sort of a kid in a candy shop.) It's true that the word "swinger" is associated with the act of more than two people having sex. They will even travel together (especially cruises). Some couples find this method the perfect scenerio for their lifestyle whether married or not. It's a personal preference. Believe it or not, "swingers" from the 40s were people that danced (jive). But then again Coke use to be a soft drink and not a drug! LOL

What pecentage of people attend college?

77% of people graduate from college

World pecentage of people live in north America?


How many swingers are in Dallas ftworth?

Thousands, literally. Get on a website like swing lifestyle, adult friend finder, or any of the other larger polyamory websites and search your local area. You'll be suprised how many people are out there.

Does pink flamingos mean the people r swingers?


What makes a swinger swing?

What makes swingers swing is far more varied and complex than we will probably ever know but it is possible to identify certain personality traits and characteristics amongst people who enjoy the swingers lifestyle. It is estimated that regular swingers make up less that 0.5% of British society. The figure is probably about the same for the U.S.A. and only slightly more in European counties like Holland and Germany, where swinging has always been much more socially acceptable. This figure may represent a small minority of the population but it still amounts to a considerable number. For example, 0.5% of Britain's 60 million population would mean that 300,000 people are regular swingers. In addition to these, there is of course a far greater number who have 'dabbled' in swinging on a one off or occasional basis. The difference between occasional and regular swinging is that regular swingers consider themselves to be living an alternative lifestyle whilst the occasional swinger is 'experimenting'. So what is that makes swingers swing? The swingers we have known over many years of running swinger clubs like, have provided us with some answers which you can read in full by clicking the related links below.

How many people died at Auschwitz what pecentage were jewish?

The percentage is from 45% - 68% of people died at Auschwitz were Jewish.

What is the purpose of the UK Swingers Heaven?

UK Swingers Heaven provides adult services for consenting adults and couples to meet like minded people. They provide a means to safely exchange information before meeting.

How can you tell when somebody is a swinger?

You're having sex with them and they're married to someone else. Sure fire..every time. Well, being one myself, I can say that a true swinger is someone who does not just go out and have random sex. Swingers are people who are usually married, or at least in a committed relationship. They just happen to like to swap partners. Swingers consider having sex with other couples a turn on, and enjoy watching someone else with their partner. It is not something that most people can do, because of jealousy issues. However, if you want to know if someone is one, just ask them.You dont. they can be absolutely anyone at all. We've seen people from all walks of life, all income levels, from all over the world. There is no specific "type" that identifies swingers.