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The term swingers club is older than most people think. The concept of a swingers club and the swingers lifestyle began in the 16th century by European and Americans.

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Q: Where did the term swingers club come from?
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Where to meet swingers?

At a swingers' club.

On GTA IV Where is the Swingers Golf club show you a map?

Swingers club and driving range:,375

Are swingers real?

There are several meanings for the term "swingers" varying from sports, photography, and sexuality. Can you be more specific?

What are the release dates for Swingers' Club Sachi - 2008?

Swingers' Club Sachi - 2008 was released on: USA: 17 July 2008 (Asian-American International Film Festival)

Why was there a gnome on front porch?

INvitiation for swingers to come inside.

Is there a good place for gay swingers in NY?

A few swingers clubs in New York City include Adult Socials, One Leg Up NYC, School of Sex, and SinSation. None of these clubs are specifically for gay swingers, but one is likely to encounter both gay and straight swingers at a club like one of these.

What is the name of the London nightclub in Austin Powers movie?

Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club

How old do you have to be to go to a swingers club?

It depends on the club and the local laws. the age limit for a closed private club may be 18 or 21, the best bet is to figgure out what club and ask them.

When was The Swingers created?

The Swingers was created in 1979.

When did The Swingers end?

The Swingers ended in 1982.

Where did the term 'swingers' come from?

It was firs used to describe oppen sexual relationships between couples they couls swing so to speak to another partner and back again.

Clubs para adultos para intercambio de parejas?

One interpretation would be "Adult club for swingers".

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