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It essentially a mirror on the early versions.

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Q: What material is used inside the thermos that looks silver?
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Is the silver used inside the thermos toxic?

What looks silver in a glass thermometer is actually mercury, which is toxic.

What does silver looks like?

It looks silver and metallic. It is a rather with a silver shell .That is what silver looks like .

Is tibetan silver stirling or plated?

Tibetan silver is plated rather than made of sterling silver. Cast iron or copper is used to make Tibetan silver. Then it is plated with sterling silver or any other material that looks like sterling silver.

What does 92 mark on inside of ring mean?

If the metal looks like silver, it is probably part of "925", the designation for sterling.

Is 1847 rogers bros is sterling silver?

The tongs says roger bros then has a dotted circle with what looks like a bird inside.

Bracelet and it looks like it is solid silver and on the inside it has the letters ALP how can you tell if it is real?

silver will have an imprint on it "925". This is the standard for silver - 925 parts per thousand of silver. Meaning that it is 75 parts per thousand of another metal(s).

Ring that looks to be a white metal and is stamped with 925 on the inside of the band but nothing else what is this likely to mean?

It is very likely sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of Silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals...usually gold.

Why is aluminium called silver from clay?

because it looks like clay and is silver

How does a mint condition silver coin looks like?


Where can you get the silver picaxe on runescape?

no such thing as silver pickaxe there is only steel which looks silver

What is mock silver jewelry?

It is jewelry with looks silver, but isn't really made of that precious metal.

What does a firehouse station looks like on inside?

It looks dull!