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What looks silver in a glass thermometer is actually Mercury, which is toxic.

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Q: Is the silver used inside the thermos toxic?
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What material is used inside the thermos that looks silver?

It essentially a mirror on the early versions.

Is silver nitrate harmful when used in processed food?

Silver nitrate is not toxic, although it is certainly not nutritious. Normally it is used in photography, not in food. Personally I wouldn't eat it.

Why Colgate powder is used to clean silver utensils?

It is a fine-grit non-toxic abrasive.

What is the plural for thermos?

"Thermos is a brand name (adjective) not a noun. Brand names are always used as an adjective so the correct usage in a sentence would be "I bought ten Thermos containers." or "The Thermos food containers are on sale at the store this week."

What element is a silver liquid used in themometers?

Mercury. It isn't used much these days in thermometers these days as it is very toxic.

Could you please use the science word thermos in a sentence?

They kept the liquid nitrogen in a thermos so it stayed cold. They used a thermos of oil to keep the sodium from contacting air and water.

What Marterials are used inside Fuses....Silver and....?

Lead and tin...

What did a thermos used to be?

Long Johns for pants thermos but I dont know what the shirts are called.

What does sign etched inside of silver ring mean?

it tells you about the puarity of silver used to make that ring

Is it safe to store liquid nitrogen in an ordinary household thermos?

Old glass thermoses are very similar to dewars used in chemistry for carrying liquid nitrogen.A glass thermos would be safe for transporting and temporary storage of liquid nitrogen.However, it would not be recommended to seal the top tightly with the stopper as the liquid nitrogen will slowly evaporate and pressure could build up inside the thermos.

Thermos bottles are used to keep liquid what?

Thermos bottles are generally used to keep liquid from changing temperature for a longer period of time. Usually, one pours hot liquid into the bottle, and it will remain warm for longer, but they are also effective at keeping cold liquid cool.

What 3 insulators that can be used in a thermos bottle?

Heat, cold, pollution