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This is just wrong and you are just as in the wrong as the husband. The best thing you can do at this point is STOP SEEING HIM it is not up to him to continue the affair!!! If you feel the wife should know you could call anonymously and tell her or be up front face what you did and tell her directly from you. There is no since playing childish games and "traps" or whatever you want to do this is about people's lives and it is just wrong to think of playing games with them foolishly. Answer#2 The question does not ask about an individuals perception of morality. That said, mix a little food coloring with your lipstick.

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Q: What kind of traps can a mistress set so the wife can find out that her husband is still seeing the mistress and doesnt want to stop?
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Should you accept husband and mistress' child?

If your husband has broken off the affair with the mistress then your husband should do the right thing and pay child support, but that does not mean you have to accept the child into the family. If the mistress does not want the child then it is up to you whether you want to help to raise that child. If your husband is still seeing his mistress then pack his bags and kick him out and either file for a separation or divorce.

Who's problem is it to resolve if the other woman is still contacting the wife and the married man she had the affair with?

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

How can you make your wife to become your mistress?

by hypnotising i thing By divorcing her, then seeing her on a regular basis. Otherwise she is still your wife.

Does the wife usually tell her husband not to talk to the mistress anymore after the affair has been discovered or does the husband make that choice?

You shouldn't even stay married to him if that happens! ANSWER: I did mine, and yes our husband has the choice to do it if they want to. But the question is will it be the right thing to do if the husband still kept the communication from his mistress ( ex). If the spouse wont stop, this is a sign that no matter what you ask him he will ignore you, is showing that he can't live without being connected with his mistress.

Who is Cathy Freeman's husband?

Cathy freemans husband doesnt want to be named! so he still remains a secret

If a spouse told his mistress that he wants to keep his family but wants to be with her also do you have the rights to ask him for divorce?

When a husband wants to keep his family and still have his mistress, then yes, the wife has every right to file for divorce.

Who would you believe your husband or his ex mistress telling you that their affair wasn't plan?

If she is trying to get him back, or still wants him.. Then I would believe your husband. If she is absolutely done with him, then believe her. Good Luck!!

Is a mistrisse a widower?

No, men are widowers and women are widows. So by definition, a mistress could not be a widower because she is not a man. If the question were, Is a mistress a WIDOW, the answer would still be NO because a widow loses her HUSBAND, not the man she is sleeping with.

Does chanel fielder have an ex husband?

Yes she does but she is still seeing him a couple off times a week.

Why does a husband caught cheating wait a year to move with his mistress?

The answer to that is simply that the husband is still somewhat devoted to his wife and shares a special bond with her, but is looking for something different from her or something to stimulate his life or just his sex life.He may be getting bored of the same routine and may wait a year to move in with his mistress because for as long as the husband can get away with it, he will. It wouldn't be until the wife breaks down and finally figures out that the husband is cheating or she gets suspicious and starts asking questions, accusing, or spying on the husband that he'll say "I'm done". Then that will lead to separation or divorce which gives the husband a chance to move his things in with his second supporter (the mistress).

I was seeing a girl for a month and she told me shes still in love with her ex but doesnt want to be with them?

Because she doesn't actually love you. She lied.

If he still cares how can he leave his mistress?

ANSWER: It sounds like you are the mistress, am I right? Now why are you wondering if your married lover still cares for you,why did he leaves you? First of all he is not your husband, second he didn't promise you that you will have a life together, did he? Most married men will and one way or the other will fall in love with their mistress, but unfortunately his already done. His probably trying to work with his wife solving their problem. Or he finally learned that having you in his life is not what he wanted