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Its an over the counter tylenol pm 500mg

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Q: What kind of pill is lite blue and has S525 on it?
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What kind of pill is blue and round and has e72 on it?

Lovastatin 20 mg

What kind of pill is a blue circle says r on top and 215 on bottom?

30mg oxycodone

What kind of pill is this light blue round A 215?

That is an oxycodone 30 mg tablet manufactured by Actavis.

What kind of pill is medium size blue and says 224 on ne side?

oxycodone/roxycodone 30 mg

Where can you find a blue pill bug?

Generally speaking, anywhere pill bugs are normally found. Blue pill bugs are not a different species from ordinary brown ones. Rather, they are simply ordinary pill bugs that are infected with iridiovirus. So, in effect, a blue pill bug is a sick pill bug.

What if your dog doesn't take his pill?

What kind of pill.

What kind of pill is a GABAPENTIN?

It is a pill for controlling seizure's

What kind of pill is c 719?

heart pill

How many milligrams you a blue Xanax?

A blue, round pill, imprinted with "031, R" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, round, pill, imprinted with "MYLAN A1" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, round pill, imprinted with "XANAX 1.0" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, oval pill, imprinted with "G3721" is Xanax 1mg .A blue, round pill, imprinted with "b 493, 2" is Xanax XR 2mg .A blue, round pill, imprinted with "2, X" is Xanax 2mg.XR = (Extended Release)

What is a blue pill?

Many people use the term blue pill or little blue pill for Viagra. A slogan came about when it was used for erectile dysfunction: The Little Blue Pill That Could. It dilates arteries and was first used for angina (heart). It was also found to dilate other arteries and the effect on the blood flow was greatly increased. It moved from the bedroom to athletes on the field.

What is the little blue pill?


Lose gained weight when stopping pill?

What kind of pill?

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