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It looks like he has a condition known as Finger Clubbing. I Googled it.

I don't see anything wrong with them, for me they are beautiful; I love the shape of them...very sexy! I would love to feel his hands on my face and suck on each fingers.

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What is freaking wrong with you? Jesus Christ Almighty in Heaven! Keep your nasty disgusting comments off the internet you fkn weirdo. Seriously. We don't need to read your perverted junk. I'm not going to be able to eat for a month because of you. Freak!
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You are a freak..if that disgusts you..hide in a box.mickey is not known for being a person with high morals.think suc fingers is nine and a half weeks.
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weirdo you should be on a register of some kind
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Most likely, he has COPD " Emphysema "... Digital Clubbing " which is a curved like appearance of the nail bed" is often seen in patients with COPD. Take it from your friendly Respiratory Therapist..😁

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Q: What is wrong with Mickey Rourke's fingernails?
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