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Q: What is the use of medicine levoflox-500?
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What medicine did the Inuits use?

The Inuits use Inuit medicine. This is reatrted

What did the Celts use as medicine?

Vikings medicine

What did the Greeks use to make medicine?


What plants did the Wendat use for medicine?

Medicine Pipes.

Is americium use in medicine?

Americium is not used in medicine.

What kind of medicine do bushman use?

the truth is, no one actually knows what medicine they use.

How can you use alternative medicine in a sentence?

Here is how you can use alternative medicine in a sentence, "Most herbalists will claim to have alternative medicine." Alternative medicine refers to another option in terms of medication.

What is the difference of medicine to drugs?

Nothing, medicine are drugs. Medicine is just a friendlier word to use.

What a complementary homeopathic medicine is?

A complementary homeopathic medicine means use of other medicine (other than homeopathic such as conventional, chinese, ayurveda, etc) is compemented by simultaneous use of homeopathic medicine.

What is the use of flexispaz medicine?

What is use of Flexispac

Do anybody can use any medicine?

not anybody can use medicin. You must have the right medicine to cure your helth problem. If you use medicine without having any helthproblem or use medicine just for using, then you can get a blackout, demage one of yours organs. MEDCINE IS A VERY SERIUS THING TO USE!!! BE CAREFUL!!!

Can you use human medicine for my cat?

No, you cannot use human medicine for your cat. It could possibly kill your cat if you do.