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Medicine Pipes.

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Q: What plants did the Wendat use for medicine?
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What do mohawk tribe use plants for?

they use plants for making medicine and they use it for decorations. (not all the time)

Why did the Iroquois use plants as medicine?

because they had nothing else to use.

What did the Wendat people use as their weapon or tool?

bow and arrow

How did the Wendat use transportation?

Snowshoes in the winter, canoes in the summer.

What language did the Hurons speak?

wendat wendat

What did the yanomami people use as their medicine?

The Yanomami people used plants from the rain forest to make the medicine.

How can you use the word medicine in a sentence?

When you are sick you have to have the plants medicine to cure you otherwise you will suffer from the sickness that you have.

What is herbal medicine based on the use of?

Plants And Plant Extracts

Who helped Champlain?

the first nations in the area helped champlain by giving him medicine, transportation, and tips for the weather. these first nations were the wendat.

What kind of medicine do the Chinese use?

Chinese sometimes use plants and animal parts

What did the wendat use for transportation?

they used canoes in the summer and they used snowshoes in the winter

What transportation did the wendat use?

they used canoes in the summer and they used snowshoes in the winter