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Q: What is the traditional American approach to health care?
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The traditional American approach to health care is?


What are the differences between traditional and preventive approaches to health care?

The main difference between traditional and preventive approaches to health care is that traditional health care is reactive while preventive health care is proactive. This means that traditional approaches treat problems once they have arisen, such as diseases, while preventive approaches seek to avoid having problems arise.

What is the value of the humanistic approach in health and social care?

it follows the care vaue base

What is traditional health system?

The traditional health system is also referred as the health care system that is an organization where people, different resouces and various institutions has the job of delivering services of health care work to meet the needs of health with poulations that they see as targets

Who uses a whole person approach to health care?

Doctor of Osteopathy or D.O's for short.

Where is the care program approach located?

The Care Programme Approach is an organization that distributes mental health services to those that are afflicted with a mental illness. It is based on the United Kingdom, primarily in England.

What are the services offered by the American Health Care?

There are many different services offered by the American Health Care. One service of which is very common is that health insurance for public sector employees is provided by the government.

What approach should a health care provider take when a patient requests to first seek traditional healthcare instead of western medicine treatment?

It's always the patients choice but you have to explain the risks for them and make sure they understand. They can discharge themselves.

Who is the health insurance carrier for American Airlines?

BCBS of Illinois is the Health provider.

What is The primary agency concerned with Native American health care?

The Public Health Service (PHS)

What is the difference between managed care health insurance and traditional insurance plans?

Managed care health insurance will only cover when you need intensive care or a nursing home. It's mostly used as a suplamental insurance.

How should a health care professional approach obtaining a health history?

The health care professional should explain the scope and purpose of the interview and provide privacy for the person being interviewed. Others should only be present with the person's consent.