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it follows the care vaue base

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Q: What is the value of the humanistic approach in health and social care?
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What are the Philosophical approaches to hrm?

Philosophical approaches to HRM include humanistic, utilitarian, and ethical perspectives. The humanistic approach emphasizes the value of individuals and their well-being within the organization. The utilitarian approach focuses on maximizing efficiency and outcomes for the organization. The ethical approach centers on making decisions that are morally right and just for all stakeholders involved in HR practices.

What does value mean in health and social care?

In both health and social care, human life value is of prime importance. Demographic change in population, change in living standards etc. play pivotal role in assessing human life value which have great impact on both health and social care system of a society and country as a whole.

What are some words describing the humanistic theory?

I understand that humanistic means something being centered on human beings (but not on God for example). If you are humanistic then you are not doing things which could cause harm to people. Most important value for you is human being (his well being, happiness, health, etc...). Imagine that you are some big leader who can decide people's destinies. If you are humanistic leader then you will not sacrifice one person for the sake of the group of people. (Do I understand it right?) Religious means centered on God. Most important value for you is God. In the bible there was a situation when God asked Israelites to kill everyone who refused to leave the land of Promise voluntarily, but Israelites were too humanistic and did not listen to God. In my opinion to be humanistic is second highest level of morality after being Religious in a true sense (meaning not sticking to just your religion, but meaning that the highest value for you is God) Example: (His happiness, His feelings, His law etc...) It is just my narrow understanding of humanistic theory.

Is capitalism compatible with social justice?

cost benefit analysis maybe regarded as the systematic thinking about relevant decision making is this approach not relevant to making decisions about the things valued very highly or that have infinite value such as life or health?

What is the case value base?

wow im in health and social care as well at the moment

Do the Toscani Photographs Add Value to the Benetton brand name or dilute it?

I believe these shocking and thought provoking photos add value to the humanistic profile of this company.They don't advertise products so much,as pinpointing social issues:aids,racism etc

What are the elements of literature and the combined arts?

emotional appeal,,,,,intellectual appael,,,,humanistic value

What is humanistic thearpy?

Humanistic therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on an individual's capacity for self-awareness and personal growth. It emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, self-actualization, and the development of the whole person. Humanistic therapy places value on the client-therapist relationship and aims to create a non-judgmental and supportive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings.

What is most probable value?

the value approach the true value

What are the 3 approaches of GNP?

expenditures approach, income approach, industrial origin approach, value added approach

Does General Electric use cost based or value based pricing approach?

value-based pricing approach

What is the value of understanding?

on how the people understand a value to the personality approach..