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if you are under 20 years of age they put you to sleep with a general anesthetic through a needle or they can give it to you in gas which ever you prefer if you can have the procedure done while you are awake then they give you a spray to numb your throat

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Q: What is the throat spray used for Gastroscopy?
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What is gastroscopy performed with?

A fiberoptic tube

I got sick for my stomach how much money to check use gastroscopy this way?

How much money I need to pay for use the gastroscopy for my sick stomach?

How do you stop hurting throat?

You could try cough medicine or throat spray, which makes your throat kind of numb and is a medicine. But get mucanes it relly helps

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What is the medical process of visually examining the stomach?

Upper GI endoscopy is visual examination of the esophagus and stomach.It is called - GastroscopyThe medical term meaning visual examination of the esophagus and stomach is a Gastroscopy. During this procedure, a thin and flexible fibre optic tube with a camera on the end is passed through the mouth, down the oesophagus and into the stomach. The images from the camera are shown on a monitor which the doctor can see throughout the procedure.

What is the process of visually examining the stomach?

It is called Gastroscopy

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Visual exam of esophagus stomach and upper duodenum?

Visual examination of the upper GI tract ( oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) is called endoscopy. It is carried out with a throat spray and sometimes under mild sedation. To be more exact it is called gastroscopy - for stomach visualization, and gastroduodenoscopy - for stomach and duodenum (the next part of the gastrointestinal system) visualization. Endoscopy is the general term for any technique that uses a camera inside a cavity.

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