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Q: Can you drink chloraseptic throat spray?
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Is chloraseptic good for a sroe throat?

Yes, chloraseptic works great to numb your sore throat. However, it does not get rid of it.

How often can you use chloraseptic spray in a day?

about every 2 hourly

What numbs a sore throat?

Chloraseptic & cepacol

Can you snort chloraseptic?

No, you can't snort Chloraseptic. Chloraseptic is an over-the-counter product used to treat sore throats and mouth pain. It comes in spray form and also lozenges.

Can you put chloraseptic in an e cigarette?

No, it is not safe or recommended to put chloraseptic in an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are designed for use with e-liquid containing nicotine or flavorings, not medication. Chloraseptic is a throat spray that contains benzocaine, which is not meant to be inhaled and can be harmful if vaporized.

What should you do for a sore throat?

You can do any and all of the following:Take a pain reliever like Tylenol or MotrinGargle with warm salt waterTry an anesthetic spray or lozenge like Sucrets or Chloraseptic

Can chloraseptic spray get you high?

I am experiencing the high now ans I don't like it how do I make it stop

What is phenol Contraindications?

Phenol is used as a numbing agent, and is contained in products such as Chloraseptic throat spray. It is also used on irritated skin to kill microbes and reduce risk of infections. It is very toxic in high doses, so should be used carefully. The major contraindication for phenol is allergic sensitivity to it.

What commercials did actor David Doyle do?

Several for Chloraseptic, which is a remedy for sore throat. His naturally raspy voice made his job as spokesperson ironic enough to be memorable and effective.

What is phenol in besides cigarettes?

Phenol (carbolic acid) is in chemical peels, whiskey, antiseptic throat sprays (such as Chloraseptic), Carmex, sunscreens, hair colorings, paint strippers, etc..

How do you get rid of a really bad sour throat?

avoid cold drinks and drink hot stuff and do not eat sweets. and don't talk to much, that can exhaust your vocal cords. make sure you brush your teeth atleast two to three times a day, i get sour throats almost every other month, and this relly helps, also try drinking lots and lots of water, nothing beats water!

How to Relieve Strep Throat Pain?

Coming down with strep throat isn’t usually the first item on anybody’s wish list, and if you’ve had it, then you know exactly how painful it can really be. Searching for ways to eliminate strep throat pain is difficult, and you may find that many of the ways people suggest don’t actually work. With that said, you’re probably ready for some suggestions that will knock the strep throat pain right out of the park. Follow these simple steps, and you should be well on your way to relieving yourself of the pain. The first thing you should do in your quest to eliminating the strep throat pain is purchase Chloraseptic. It’s a spray bottle that is used to spray numbing solution to the back of the throat. The pain treatment is almost instant as it begins to work as soon as it touches the tonsils. A few applications of Chloraseptic should majorly begin to numb the pain and help you get back to a normal routine. However, Chloraseptic isn’t a cure for strep throat so it shouldn’t be used continuously in hopes to treat the strep throat. A doctor should be consulted anyway to see about a proper treatment. However, you’re probably going to need another form of pain relief just to help with the Chloraseptic. Another proven technique that you can use is the gargling of salt water. It has been said to ease the pain caused by strep throat quickly and efficiently. In the case that you don’t have these things that were previously mentioned, you might also want to try sticking to very cold liquids and foods. The cold temperature will help to soothe and sometimes numb the pain in the back of the throat. Ice cold water will definitely help, but soda or other carbonated drinks are not recommended. The acid may irritate the tonsils and potentially worsen the pain. Ice cream is also a popular choice of cold food for strep throat. Cough drops have also been known to work wonders for strep throat pain. They’re like candy too, so consuming as many as you’d like really has no adverse effect. Keeping one in at all times can help soothe the throat and also help to restrain the urge to cough.