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To prevent bed sores.

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Q: What is the purpose of changing position in bed on a comatose patient?
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Do surgeons have to pull the plug on brain dead or comatose Patients along with regular doctors?

Surgeons are "doctors" so... yes. (Assuming the comatose patient is actually on a said machine constantly operated solely for the purpose of maintaining life) <--Which is rare

What should you say if a patient refers to you as doctor or nurse even though your degree is in another discipline?

Simple, identify who you really are, your position, and purpose.

What is the purpose of patient encounter forms?

To save time

Which is a primary purpose of the patient record?

evaluate quality of care

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to obtain an accurate measurement of a patient's height

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You position the patient so they are comfortable and you can have easy access to what part of them you need to work on. The draping techniques help so the client can remain modest with only the body part that is worked on is uncovered. Thank-you

What is the purpose of padding side rails on a patient bed?

use them as a restrain

What is the purpose of patient ledger cards and encounter forms?

This helps to keep patient payments up to date. The ledger shows the date the patient was billed and how much they paid.

What is the purpose of the patient self determination act?

The purpose of the patient self determination act was to inform patients of their rights regarding decisions of their own medical care and to ensure that these rights are communicated to the health care provider.