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So someone can post the wrong answer for laughs.

Hopefully - to get answers, although many teenagers have been known to ask them just to be argumentative, aggravate people, or to be smart alecs.

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Q: What is the purpose of asking questions?
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What By asking questions about the speaker purpose and audience of a text you are?

When asking about the purpose of a speaker and the audience of a text, you're asking what the purpose of the speech is.

Why is this website for?

For the sole purpose of asking questions and having them answered.

What is the purpose of god to the world?

To prevent people from asking stupid questions . lol

Should 1 stop asking questions now you love this website?

no don't do that. the questions are the whole purpose of the website

Why does WikiAnswers not allow stupid questions?

Because the purpose of the website is to create a common place for people who have questions and people who have knowledge to interact with one another, by asking and answering questions. If unwanted/unnecessary questions are allowed, the main purpose of the website would be defeated. Hence, they are not allowed

What is the purpose of asking questions when attempting to be an effective listener?

To provide feedback to the person you are listening to. The questions need to encourage them to expand on what they are telling you. It proves you are indeed listening.

Do all questions have answers?

No, not all questions have answers. Philosphers have been asking some questions for centuries, like:Is there a GodWhy are we hereWhat is knowledgeDoes life exist on other planetsDoes my life have a purpose

Who is asking your questions right now?

your asking your question im asking my questions we all ask our own questions.

What is the ISBN of Asking Questions?

The ISBN of Asking Questions is 0333662717.

Does this site charge you for asking questions?

no this site does not charge you for asking questions.

How many pages does Asking Questions have?

Asking Questions has 282 pages.

A stranger starts asking you questions about your work how should you respond?

Engage in some conversation, but do not talk about anything personal or about your purpose here