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Q: What is the one word for The loss of full control of the body's movements?
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When is a cane appropriate as an assistive mobile device?

A cane is appropriate for a person with good strength and endurance, whose balance is impaired either due to slowed movements, loss of isolated muscle control, or ataxia, or who has pain upon full weight bearing on one side.

What is The loss of sensation and voluntary muscle movements in a muscle is known as?

Type your answer here... hat is The loss of sensation and voluntary muscle movements in a muscle is known as?

Can mass movements cause damage and loss of lives?


What does one suffer from if one has nystagmus?

There are many different types of Nystagmus. The general nature of the disorder, is an involuntary loss of eye control, causing rapid vertical or horizontal eye movements.

What happens as the body shifts to partial dependence on ketones for energy during prolonged fasting?

the bodys loss of lean tissure increases

What Loss of control is one symptom is called a alcoholism?

So-called "loss of control" is actually a myth.

Does Brown-Sequard syndrome cause loss of bowel control?

Loss of bladder and bowel control may result, but the majority of patients will regain control

Does sudden loss of cabin pessure in an aircraft cause loss of control?

Yes, it causes you to pass out, thus causing loss of control with no one to pilot the aircraft.

Are there any risk factor when burning galvanized steel?

galvanized steel is steel coated in zinc, which is totally good for your body (in moderation) but zinc fumes are thought to cause loss of control over bowel movements, fever, and nausea.

What is the best birth control pill for weight loss?

Birth control is not for weight control.

What is the full form of FTL?

For the Loss

Is it common to miss a period after starting a new weight loss muscle building pill?

Yes it is very possible to miss a period if you take the pills for weight loss and muscle building pill. These drugs can always play a part in changing the bodys rhythm.