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Bi-curious is when you do not know if you are straight or lesbian/gay or just plain bisexual. It's the experimental kind of stage. Myself I went through it and I am bisexual. You can decide by yourself what you become.

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Q: What is the meaning of bi-curious?
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Is angleina jolie bicurious?


What did Anne Frank think of boys?

She was bicurious

Is a girl bicurious if she isn't sexually attracted to girls but would give a relationship with another girl a go?

if your wantin to experiment then i dont think its bicurious

What are the types of sexuality?

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bicurious, experimental

How do you tell if a bicurious girl likes me?

Just ask her most girls are honest with it

What are the various types of sexuality?

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bicurious, experimental

Is it ok to be bicurious at the age of 14?

Yes iam 13 and bi. Give me your email and We can chat

I want to have group sex with other girls. Am I bisexual or bicurious?

You are bicurious unless or until you actually act upon the desire. You must take a sexual and emotional interest in persons of both sexes (male and female) to be bisexual. You are the sort of person i want to meet!

What percent of males are gay or bicurious?

More than likely a man is straight but the gay percentage is 2%

How can you tell if you're bicurious?

Does the idea of having physical relations with both sexes appeal to you? If yes, then yes, you are. If no, then you, you're not.