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More than likely a man is straight but the gay percentage is 2%

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Q: What percent of males are gay or bicurious?
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What are the types of sexuality?

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bicurious, experimental

What are the various types of sexuality?

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bicurious, experimental

Are males who get facelifts all gay men?

Not at all, the percent of males having cosmetic surgery procedures increass evry year. A facelift is done by many males who wish to have a youthfull appearance.

Are males gay or heterosexual?

Some males are gay, but most are heterosexual.

Does gay refer to males?

The term "gay" can refer to any gender, but most often is applied to gay males.

Where do you find gay males?

gay bars

What percentage of Cherokee males are gay?

It is statistically likely that somewhere around 2 percent of males are primarily or exclusively attracted to other males, and perhaps 10 percent have had "significant" homosexual experiences. But a lot depends on exactly how you define "gay." For example, there are gay virgins, just as there are straight virgins. And perhaps 80 percent of us are capable of sex with either males or females, even if we don't actually go through with it.Traditionally, Native American cultures have not gotten as worked up about homosexuality as American Christian culture currently is. In cultures where homosexuality is not reviled, it's a lot easier to be open, so such cultures may appear to have more gay men.

What country has the largest number of gay males?

China has the largest population of gay males in the world, however the majority of gay people in China are closeted.

Is angleina jolie bicurious?


How many types of gay male are there?

Gay males cannot be categorized into types, just as straight males cannot be categorized into types.

What percent of males is 16 out of 28?

57.14 percent

Are ballet dancing males considered gay?