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that you don't do enough exercise for your body

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Q: What is the downfall of not maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
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Sentence for component?

As well as a healthy diet, exercise is a huge component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How could you keep your skin healthy and radiant?

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin requires a combination of proper skincare techniques, a healthy lifestyle, and preventative measures.

How can you live a healthy living lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle invoves eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, avoiding or managing excess stress, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding bad habits like smoking and excess alcohol, having a healthy attitude, etc.

Obesity and Diabetes?

Obesity and diabetes are often linked. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight are important for preventing or managing diabetes. This can be done by making healthy lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise.

How does sports affect your education?

Exercise has proven to improve the learning ability of people. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain

How does physical activity help maintaining a healthy weight?

Physical activity helps to burn up fat and calories leading to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.

What are the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle?

List 10 benefits to having a healthy lifestyle.

How can the risk of developing type II diabetes be reduced?

maintaining ideal weight and exercising regularly. The physical and emotional stress of surgery, illness, pregnancy, and alcoholism can increase the risks of diabetes, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical

Protective actions such as obtaining immunizations and taking preventative medications as well as maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are individual protective actions generally for which type of?


What is healthy lifestyle in Hebrew?

Healthy lifestyle = אורח חיים בריא (orach khayyim baree)

Why do 6-12 year olds need a healthy lifestyle?

everyone needs a healthy lifestyle!

Protective actions like obtaining immunizations and taking preventative medications plus maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are individual protective actions generally for what type of hazard?