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one is a diagram like a chart or graph, and one is a design like a blue print

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Q: What is the difference between conceptual class Diagram and Design level class Diagram?
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What is the difference between conceptual design and physical design?

Conceptual designs attempts to identify the highest level of relationships between entities. Conceptual designs include only important entities. Physical design helps in converting the logical design into the physical form.

Distinguish between conceptual design and detailed design which is more important?

conceptual design is presenting the basec idea and detailed design is implementing and imprving the errer in conceptual design

What is the concept of conceptual design?

The concept of conceptual design is idealist. Idealist indicates that a lot of creative thought went into the design which makes the creation unique and one of a kind. Conceptual design is a fairly new concept and is not found in the art, art deco or design books.

What is the Difference between conceptual and technical design?

Conceptual Design• written in customer's language• explaining the observable external characteristics ofthe system• contains no technical jargon (If it does, define it.)• describes the functions of the system• is independent of implementation• is linked to the requirements documentsTechnical design• describes of major hardware components and theirfunctions• shows hierarchy (organization) and functions of thesoftware components• shows data structures and data flow• shows interfaces

Conceptual means what?

Something in the design stage.

What does conceptual mean?

Something in the design stage.

What is conceptual design and detailed design?

conceptual design is just a rough draft picture (usually many) that lead up to the basic idea you are drawing. detailed design is similar but further along the design process and more detailed , hence the name.

Difference between detailed design and system design?


What is the difference between a certificate in interior design and an AA degree in interior design?

What is the difference between a certificate in interior design and an AA degree in interior design? email

What is the difference between design and technique.?

The difference between design and technique is quite elaborate. Design is the development and documentation of an idea while technique is the strategy that is used to do something.

Conceptual design is initiated in response of?

Identification of consumer demand

What is the difference between green design and sustainability?

green design is sustainability and sustainbility is what green design is .