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clean water is naturally dirty, it goes through a process in which then it becomes clean.

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Q: What is the difference between clean water and dirty water?
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What is the difference between water and clean water?

Water is a universal solvent naturally found on Earth that can contain impurities, while clean water is water that has been purified or treated to remove contaminants, making it safe for drinking and other uses. Clean water undergoes processes such as filtration, disinfection, and desalination to ensure it meets quality standards for human consumption.

Difference between Bangladesh floods and UK floods?

The difference(s) between floods in the UK and Bangladesh are in Bangladesh, the dirty and clean water mixes together and contributes to the formation of diseases in the water. This also happens in the UK; however, the UK can afford to buy clean water for drinking in these cases.

Clean water is added to a tank full of dirty water. After some time the tank is full of clean water. Dirty water disappears. What is the principle and how does it work?

The principle is 'dilution': with the first addition of clean water to dirty water, the dirty water becomes less dirty because it is diluted by the clean water. With the continued addition of clean water to dirty water, eventually the dirty water will be completely diluted and there will be no dirty water left; it will all be replaced by clean water.

How clean dirty water?

to clean dirty water it needs to be cleaned or filtered

How do you know to change dirty water to clean water?

You can change dirty water to clean water by using filtration methods such as boiling, chemical purification, or mechanical filtration. These methods help remove impurities and contaminants from the water, making it safe for consumption. Regularly testing water quality and following recommended guidelines can also help determine when a change is needed.

What is healthier to a plant dity water on clean water?

It depends what is making the water dirty. If it is nontoxic it will not make much difference.

What is the different between before and after of body of water?

The sea before was clean,but now it is dirty

Do tad pols have to live in clean water or dirty water?


Do swans live in clean water or dirty water?

In clean water.

Is fresh water dirty?

Fresh water is not dirty because it is fresh and clean

Did egyptians have clean water?

no there have really dirty water . so dirty there died

How does dirty water get clean?

it get's clean by sewige