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In clean water.

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normal water

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Q: Do swans live in clean water or dirty water?
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Do tad pols have to live in clean water or dirty water?


Can crabs live in any water?

rabs can live in clean or dirty water

Why is clean water good for us?

clean water is good for us because if we drink dirty water it will get mixed up with our food and you will have a tummy ache. some people die because of dirty water and its something our body doesn't get along with so well . and also dirty water has dirt and lots of nasty things in but clean water is pure and it helps you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do snails eat dirt?

they tend to live in dirty water because they can hide easily

What Animals can only live in clean water?

Some animals that can only live in clean water is salmon and trout. Frogs can live in dirty water but they thrive in clean water.

What are water fowls?

Water fowls are birds like ducks, geese and swans that live on the water.

How can mayflies tell us about water pollution?

The more mayflies there are, the less polluted the water is, because mayflies canonly live in clean freshwater. Dirty water will drown mayflies.

What live in rock pools?

crabs sea eggs and sea slugs and normally fish live in rock pools and aslo shrimps many people think that yabbies like to live in rock pools but they actually live in dirty water and because the rock pool isn't dirty water it is clean fresh water.

Do swans lay their eggs near water or in nest?

This is because swans feed mostly on underwater vegitation, so they live near the water in order to have a food source.

Why can blood worms live in polluted water?

blood worms can live in polluted water because it is dirty and they like dirty water from melisha wardle

How can frogs die in a pond?

Frogs live in dirty water so they can hide from predators, the only reason they would die in clean water is the fact that their predators would see them in the clear and clean water, and kill them.

Does calpoda live in fresh water or dirty water?

calpoda live in polluted areas