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Q: What is the bodys natural anticoagulant?
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What is your body's natural anticoagulant?


How do you bleed?

it comes from are bodys natural reaction with knifes it comes from are bodys natural reaction with knifes

What neurotransmitter is bodys natural pain reliever?


Does human body produce heparin and if our own body produces natural anticoagulant why do we need anticoagulant when we perform apheresis or dialysis?

I can partly answer this question: Basophils, which are granular leukocytes, are a part of our bodies natural makeup, they produce heparin (an anticoagulant), histimines (an inflammatory substance), and serotonin (a vasoconstictor).

Why doesn't blood clot in the blood vessels?

First it should be clear that blood can't clot only in the presence of a anticoagulant or/and in the absence of clotting factors. if anticoagulant is not there in the vicinity of blood then blood will surely clot. Now it is clear that there is some anticoagulant in the blood vessels and that natural anticoagulant is named as heparinblood vessel coated with galyx

How can vaccine help the natural defence against VIRUS?

how do vaccines help the bodys natural defences against viruses ??

Why do you close your eyes whenever you sneeze?

This is your bodys natural defense to protect the eyes. It is a reflex.

Can you use anticoagulant in a sentence?

Ibuprofen is a known anticoagulant.

What is an anticoagulant antagonist?

An anticoagulant antagonist counters the effect of an anticoagulant, making it so that the medication can no longer stop clotting.

The bodys natural production of endorphins is likely to be?

increased by heroin use and increased by vigorous exercise

How does lupus anticoagulant develop?

Researchers do not know how lupus anticoagulant develops.

What anticoagulant is used to prevent blood clotting?

Warfarin is a common anticoagulant

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