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Your best bet is to just sit down and talk to her about it. Make sure she knows you aren't kidding and that you find it to be a turn on. You might have to explain that you don't expect her to feel the same way but as if she would help you with it. Another way might be to leave something like this question on your computer where she might find it and read it. She will realize you are interested and possibly take over from there. I can help you with that if you want. kehneth at g mail dot com

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14y ago
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It depends on her...

CASE 1: If this is what she wants, and if she gets her kicks from receiving humiliation, then you're pretty much on your own, because FEW people will give you advice on this for fear of being politically correct. Even when humiliation is what she wants and desires!

CASE 2: If she doesn't want to be humiliated, and if you want to go out of your way to humiliate the woman you are with, then you don't love or respect her and you shouldn't be with her. So break up or make up but don't be childish and mean. If this is the case, then humiliating hes is the wrong thing to do, and you can end up humiliating yourself and losing her respect.

CASE 3: If you really want to humiliate her, then knock her out. Then, put her in diapers with a pacifier in her mouth. Then, take her outside like that and then she'll be REALLY humiliated!

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Q: What is the best way to humiliate your woman?
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