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Q: What is the best holistic remedy for a bacterial sore throat?
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What is the best remedy for constant drainage down the throat?

A salt water mouth rinse and probably a visit to a dentist or ENT specialist.

What best describes the remedy Arnold proposes for the world?

Arnold proposes that the remedy for the world's problems lies in cultivating a balanced and harmonious development of the individual's physical, intellectual, and moral attributes. This holistic approach focuses on the moral and spiritual improvement of society and individuals to create a better world.

Are groups of milky white bubbles on the back of your throat a sign of strept throat?

The best way to determine the type of bacterial infection is via a throat culture. It's best to seek the counsel of a licensed primary care physician in your area for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Streptococcal infections are serious and can cause damage to the heart valves.

What is the best holistic dog food?

I like Holistic Select made by Eagle Pack.

Can you exercise when you have strep throat?

Sure you can kiss if you have strep throat ,but strep is a bacterial infection and the infection can be passed on to the person you are kissing, who may also develop strep throat. It would be best to avoid kissing until the strep is treated and resolved.

Does holistic health involve aromatherapy?

Sometimes holistic health involves aromatherapy. The best way to decide which treatment is the best for you is to talk to your doctor.

Best OTC remedy for degenerative arthritis?

There is no remedy for degenerative or ostesarthritis.

Where are the best holistic practitioners in the world located?

The best holistic practitioners in the world are located in Minnesota and Ohio in the United States of America. However, there are many other holistic practitioners in all other places in the whole world.

What natural remedy is best known for asthma?

One of the most popular natural remedy for asthma is Ixmi. It is a medicinal plant of the Pacific Northwest American native tribes. It has been scientifically shown to exhibit the significant anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti-viral effects essential in natural remedies for asthma symptoms.

What is the best home remedy for soar throats?

Heat up some water,add salt,wait for it to cool(enough that it won't burn you) and gargle it about twice a day until your throat feels better

What is the best thing to quench your throat?

Water is the ABSOLUTE BEST to quench your throat.

What is a good weight loss remedy?

The best and long lasting remedy is proper diet and exercise.