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3 mg

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Q: What is the Maximum dose given for iv atropine?
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What is dhe iv migraine treatment?

DHE IV treatment is dihydroergotamine given via IV. It is always given in a hospital setting, usually in several separate doses over a couple of days, although sometimes as a singular dose - if a single dose is what works for that patient.

What is the preferred treatment to block the effects of ACh?

2 mg atropine IV

What is the iv drug atropine used for?

to stop pain or keep your body hydrated

What is the prefered treatment to block the effects of excessive ACh?

2 mg atropine IV

What is the preferred treatment to block the effects of accessive ach?

2 mg atropine IV

What is the preferred treatment to block the affects of accessive ACh?

2 mg atropine IV

How does a PCA work?

it delivers a set amount of medication through your iv until you are comfortable or until you have reach your maximum hourly dose perscribed by the docter

What are the differences between IV push and IV bolus?

IV push: a term used when giving a medication rapidly (less than 30 seconds). Except in emergent situations very few medications are given this way. (adeniosine & atropine are examples) IV Bolus: a term referring to giving a medication over 1-5 minutes. When referring to IV fluid it usually means wide open or within a given time frame ( 1 Liter Normal Saline IV bolus over 1 hour ).

What are max iv in pokemon?

The maximum IV in one stat is 31.

What is the meaning of the abbreviations IM and IV in a drug dose?

iv = interveinous im = intramuscular

Endotracheal Drug Adminstration during a cardiac arrest?

Drugs, such as epinephrine, atropine, naloxone, and lidocaine can be given via the endotracheal route if IV access has not been obtained yet. The dose for epinephrine, rather than 1mg IV, should be 5mg endotracheally, followed by 5 to 10 mL of saline and several rapid breaths to aerosolize it into the lungs. ACLS currently recommends this approach, but there have been no studies showing benefit to this route of administration. I would recommend rapid IV access, and if no IV access if available within 90 seconds, placement if an intraosseous line should be attempted immediately afterwards and all medications given through that line. That is standard practice at many hospitals in this area as well as many EMS services.

What should the nurse do before administering the first dose of IV antibiotic?

check patient iv site