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2 mg atropine IV

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Q: What is the prefered treatment to block the effects of excessive ACh?
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What is the preferred treatment to block the effects of ACh?

2 mg atropine IV

What is the preferred treatment to block the effects of accessive ach?

2 mg atropine IV

What are the limitations of Randomized block design?

The limitations of randomized block design include its non-suitability with large numbers of treatments. It also includes interactions between block and treatment effects increase error.

How can the heart overcome excessive vagal stimulation?

Excessive vagal stimulation can be overcome by engaging in activities that increase sympathetic tone, such as exercise or deep breathing. In severe cases, medications like atropine can be used to block the effects of excessive vagal stimulation on the heart.

Does methadone block the effects of extacy?


What are the consequences of taking too much ice block?

Excessive urination, and numbness of mouth.

What is the recipe for block ice?

Fill a large, low container with water; add excessive cold; wait.

Does methadone block Oxycontin?

Yes, depending on how high of a methadone dose you are on. Methadone will clog your opioid receptors and make it hard for any other opiate to act in your brain. Usually, any dose higher than 40mg's will block other opiates.

How do you get a sunburn through a car window?

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What is the preferred treatment to block the affects of accessive ACh?

2 mg atropine IV

What type of drugs block the effects of certain neurotransmitters on the brain?


Anti cholinergic drugs?

Anticholinergic drugs are substances used to help reduce and block the effects of acetylcholine. They are mainly used for the treatment of stomach cramps, motion sickness and ulcers. Some anticholinergic drugs include: Ipatropium Bromide Oxitropium Bromide Tiotropium Glycopyrrolate