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It is very normal. Don't worry about being different.

Answer 113 is actually "high-average". To give you some idea what that means in the context of large groups of people with similar IQs, the average college student has an IQ of approximately 115. Roughly half of college students have IQs equal to or higher than 115; roughly half have IQs equal to or lower than 115.

If a prediction were to be made based only on IQ, a young woman with an IQ of 113 should be very comfortable with college-level academic studies.

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IQ does not depend on age, gender, or nationality. The average IQ is 100. IQ is not actually a measure of intelligence, but is merely one indication of your ability to think. You may do poorly on an IQ test, but still be very successful in your life.

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The average IQ for anyone is 100

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Q: What is the Average IQ for 17 year old female?
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