What is sterile product?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sterile product are those products which are free from pyrogens and particulate is subjected to abminister in to the blood stream.

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Q: What is sterile product?
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What is the definition of a non-sterile product?

Non-sterile differ from sterile products, in that they are allowed to contain some microorganisms and the content such microbes are specified in pharmacopoeial.

Do you know where I can obtain MHA sterile products certification?

NPTA offers a Sterile Product Certification Course online for Pharmacy technicians. Their website is:

What is an aseptically-processed UHT milk?

Aseptic processing means that after UHT treatment the sterile milk is transported and filled into sterile containers without recontaminating the product. Aseptic product plus aseptic packaging and seal means that no contamination should occur after sealing (until the product is opened) and that the shelflife of the product is extended.

Is a flower sterile or non sterile?

the flower is sterile

If a sterile field becomes wet with sterile solution is the field no longer considered sterile?

If a sterile field becomes "contaminated" with a sterile solution, the field remains sterile.

How do you take the sterile gauze from sterile bin?

sterile gloves

How is bottled water preserved by its manufacturer?

Bottled mineral water is a natural product and apart from bottling under sterile conditions nothing more is done to treat or add to the product in order to preserve it.

Is the stomach sterile?

No it's not sterile

What word that rhymes with peril and means free of germs?


Why is it incorrect to say that an object is partially sterile?

This definition is only one or the other. Either sterile or non-sterile. There is no such thing as partially sterile.

Where did the word urine come from?

Urine from Latin URINA is a typically sterile liquid by product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination

Is more important for microscope slide to be sterile or clean?

Sterile is clean and clean is sterile, so both