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If a sterile field becomes "contaminated" with a sterile solution, the field remains sterile.

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Q: If a sterile field becomes wet with sterile solution is the field no longer considered sterile?
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How long is a bottle of normal saline considered sterile after opening?

A bottle of normal saline is considered sterile for up to 24 hours after opening. After this period, the saline solution may no longer be considered sterile and should be discarded to prevent the risk of contamination and infection.

How long can saline solution safely be used after opening?

Once the bottle is open it is no longer sterile. Is this a trick question?

When a stream becomes longer and wider is called what?

A stream that is longer and wider is usually considered a BROOK or a RIVER.

How does adding water to a saturated solution make it all dissolve?

When you add water to the saturated solution, there is more solvent to dissolve the solute. The saturated solution becomes diluted, so it is no longer saturated.

What is the condition where an animal can no longer reproduce?

being sterile

At exactly what point is a suburb of a city no longer considered a suburb?

A suburb of a city is no longer a suburb and becomes part of that city when it is incorporated by that city or metropolitan entity.

Once a sterile tray is opened how long is it sterile?

As soon as you open a dry sterile container it is not sterile any more due to stuff falling on it. Studies do show that the longer a sterile field is exposed the higher rate of contamination. There is less contamination with a covered field. Jim RN

What is a saurated solution?

when the solute can no longer dissolve in a solution then the solution can be said as saturated

How should you store sterile saline once opened?

Once it is opened you should dispose of it. Once oxygen reaches the substance it is no longer sterile and hence using it could cause infection.

What happen if the UTP cable length is longer than maximum length that can be exceed by the cable?

If you exceed the maximum distance of any cable, the resulting transmissions will be subject to attenuation. The longer the distance, the weaker the signal becomes, until it becomes weak enough to be considered noise, and no longer considered data.

Why a saturated solution on heating becomes unsaturated explain and give example?

When a saturated solution is heated, the solubility of the solute generally increases due to the temperature dependency of solubility. This results in the solution no longer being saturated and more solute being able to dissolve. For example, if you have a saturated sugar solution at room temperature and then heat it, more sugar molecules can dissolve in the solution because solubility of sugar increases with temperature, making it unsaturated.

Does it take longer to saturate a heated solution than a cold solution?

No, a heated solution will saturate faster.