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a acqueance

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Q: What is someone you know but not very well?
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Is it possible to love someone you do not know very well?

no, if you don't know what kind of person they are on the inside how can you love them?

Is it rude to not say happy birthday to someone you live with?

Yes, very rude. If you live with someone, they probably know you very well. If they don't say happy birthday to you when it's your birthday, you can take it offensively because they should know when your birthday is if they know you well! -_-

What do you do if you like a guy but you don't know him very well but you do know he's a player and that he likes your best friend?

How can you like someone you "dont know very well", I suggest you back off if he has a thing for your best friend

Is it best for you to wait until you completely know someone to start a relationship with him or her or you know a few facts so that's enough?

If you mean to start a physical relationship, you should know someone very well for a long time, in my opinion. A few facts is enough to know if you want to learn more about them, but I wouldn't meet in a private place with someone I didn't know well or for very long.

What does it mean when someone speaks in broken English?

It means they don't know English very well.

What degrees are required to become a pastry chief?

You must know how to bake very well. If you don't know how to bake get someone you how to bake to teach you.

How do you ask someone on a date that you like and you think they like you but you don't know them very well and they are a little bit shy?

get to know them, hang around

What is an appropriate baby shower gift for someone who I hardly know?

An appropriate baby shower gift for someone who you do not know very well could be a gift basket or a diaper bag. Since you do not know the person very well, you would want to get them a nice and useful gift that they could use without it becoming too personal.

The test to see how well you know Joe Jonas?

ohhh i know him very very very very well

Do you know me well?

i think you know me very well!!

How old do you have to be to own your own phone?

i work for the president and i know very well i know that if someone buys something they own it so if someone takes somthing that someone owns they have the right to take it back

If you tell someone you like them over the internet and you know them very well how can you be sure that they're telling you the truth?

You must , know who are him . She/He can speak the truth but she/he can lie to or just joking on you.