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i work for the president and i know very well i know that if someone buys something they own it so if someone takes somthing that someone owns they have the right to take it back

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any age

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Q: How old do you have to be to own your own phone?
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Can you use your friend's old Virgin Mobile phone?

If you can change the ownership of the phone account, you can use the phone as your own.

How old do you have to be to have your own cell phone from cricket wireless?

you have to be at least 13 years old

How old you have to be to play PokΓ©mon GO?

Old enough to be responsible and actually own a phone that accepts this application.

What percent of teenagers own a smartphone in America?

It is reported that 62% of 12-17 year-old teens own a smart phone. This is 22% more teens own a smart phone that adults do! Most adults do not even know what a smart phone is.

How can you convince your dad to give you his old phone?

You can't I tried Buy ur own

Can a 15 year have his or her own cell phone contract?

No. You must be 18 years old before a cell phone carrier will sign you.

Which phone company allows you to keep your own old phone?

ALL companies will let you do that. You simply need to have the phone unlocked - so it will accept the SIM card from the new company.

Is ten too young to own a phone?

The minimum age to own a phone should be up to the parent(s) and child. It should be done based upon necessity, responsibility, and maturity. My 10 year old has a cell phone by he is more responsible and mature than my 12 year old and he does his chores and maintains good grades in school.

"At what age should a girl get her own phone"?

The average age at which kids get a phone of their own is 10 years old, however personally I think they should get one whenever his or her parents thinks that it's time for there child to have one.

How can put minutes and phone number to a new phone from a old phone and do away with the old phone?


What can you do at age between 10-14?

Well you can do thing a 10 year old should have there own phone and just have fun

How old is the phone?

the cell phone is thousands of years old.