What is seraquel?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Seraquel is an antipsychotic Medication for people who hear voices and have hallucinations.

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Q: What is seraquel?
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What will happen if you take morphine with seraquel?

Mu psychiatrist said that it was fine to take it while I took it. He said it was no problem at all.

Im on seraquel trazidone albilify topamax Cymbalta clonazipam and xanax is my dr over medicating me?

Yes your doctor is over medicating you,is he Michael Jackson's doctor?

Medications prescribed by psychiatry?

1. Depression pills 2. Tranquilizers 3. Benzos(klonopin, xanax, etc...) 4. Sleeping pills(seraquel, trazadone, etc...) 5.clonodine (blood pressure pill)

Can seraquel be used for sleep?

Assuming you meant 'Seroquel' - which is marketed under the name of Quetiapine... It's not recommended due to the adverse side effects. Its primary use is as an anti-psychotic - in the treatment of schizophrenia and bi-polar disease.

EWhat other drugs does seraquel show up as on urine drug screens?

It does not show up as anything. It is a non-narcotic and the only way someone would U.A. u for it, is if ur p.o. or employer was under the assumption that you were under the assumption that you are abusing them, or at least taking them illicitly (as in, without prescription). Being U.A'd for Seroquel is unheard of.

May a chemotherapy patient take seraquel?

Seroquel has been known to weaken the immune system so it is not recommended to take Seroquel during chemotherapy treatments. If the patient is not in the proper medical state and is considered a danger to themselves (schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, etc.) then it can be prescribed, but it is a beta-blocker and the patients have been known to develop phenomena while being on this medication.

Will your encephalomalacia get worse?

I am a 48 year old female. As a child I suffered a depressed skull fracture . The fracture is on the front left lobe. I had alot of trouble in school through my years. I have a seizure dissorder. I am on meds for that, as well as bipolar, and meds for my depression , seraquel for sleep at night. I have had good job's but it seems my short term memory caused me to not be able to work anymore. I am relativly health. I have 3 grown boy's. But since my divorse I live with my mom and her husband. I have been on daissability and SSI for over 10 years now. I have a great family and alot support. My words come out wrong and and my meaning is not what I am thinking in my brain. We all kinda laugh it is actually pretty funny. I dont mean to be funny, it's frustrating for me. Will my Encephalomalacia continue to get worse? Thank You :)

Can you mix seraquel with Xanax?

Yes. But ONLY in moderate doses of each.Seroquel is extremely sedating, and works well as a sleeping medicine. Xanax is also sedating, though usually not so much. You must be mindful of excess sedation when combining these two substances. This means take a lower dose of both medicines than you normally would. It is not uncommon for people with Bipolar Disorder to take both medicines at night to treat both insomnia and anxiety. If you have been taking Xanax, take a small dose (25mg) of Seroquel at first without increasing your Xanax dose. Then, the next night, take 50mg, then 100mg, etc., if needed.If you have been taking Xanax for a long time, do not stop it suddenly, because it causes withdrawal symptoms for most people. Most notably, 4mg of Xanax per day or more than 4mg/day stopped suddenly, will produce seizures - but this is only if you have been taking it for more than a few weeks consistently every day.

What are the effects of going off clozapine and going opn seraquel have on the body?

Well it depends how long you have been on clozapine for. and seems clozapine is a much more stronger drug than seroquel(quetiapine).my ex partner was on a high dose clozapine and decided to change after 5 years. he had to reduce dose by 50mg a day until zero then start on first it seemed okay but after a week he had a relapse and seroquel was really taking time to kick in the dose was raised to 600mg but still more than a month on there was not much change on him.and had to start the painfull process of taking bloods etc to go back to clozapine.really i noticed there ain't much unpleasant side effects except the relapse on clozapine he had dry mouth during the day which caused severe bad breathe and at night wet pillows from the over salivation and him being so quiet but on seroquel he could say out his feelings and express himself better were as on clozapine he was more closed off.i think its down to each individual realy people are different btu if clozapine suits you i would personally recomend you stay on it. but also its worth speaking to your gp or psychiatrist about it

Is there a generic for seraquel?

No, not as of yet there isn't. Check under the generic name (Quetiapine) here in I found a ton of info there including USA patent info., and links to Canadian and Indian online pharmacies that DO sell the generic product. (and it's STILL pricey - but nowhere near what you pay in USA -land of the health-care starved)

Can you smoke weed and take Oxycontin?

Yes. I do it all the time, actually. It's a great feeling. Just make sure that you don't do too much oxycodone. You could get addicted to it. Never go above the prescribed dosage and you'll be fine.