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it means to cover it up - like put a patch over your eye.

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Q: What is occlude the area at night?
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How do you occlude your lower and upper teeth?

i do not occlude. food is limited to soft and liquid based.

Use the word occlude in a sentence?

I find myself entranced as the clouds occlude the moon.

If you hold off a vein by pressing on it with your fingers you?

Occlude is the term for when you hold off a vein by pressing on it. Another word for occlude is obstruct.

Occlude in a sentence?

The wad of paper occluded the toilet

What is name given in chemistry to incorporate a substance by absorption?


What occlude fronts?

it is a cold front and warm front mixed together

What words can add clude as the prefix or suffix?

Conclude, include, preclude, seclude, exclude, occlude.

Which verbs start with o?

Here are a list of just a few: -Observe -Oranize -Outdo -Oversee -Occlude Hope this helps!!! 😃

How do you potts a vessel?

Place a vessel loop twice around a vessel so that if you put tension on the vessel loop, it will occlude the vessel.

What is a 7 letter word for putting up a roadblocks?

A seven letter word for shut off, shut out, prevent passage is occlude.

What kg of manure does a pig produce during the night?

This depends on how long the night lasts for in your area.

Why you die due to smoke?

Because it kills your lungs! sm0ke are carbon particles, when inhaled,they occlude the alveoli and thus cause cessation of breath.