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Q: What is meaning of qoute a cutting word is worse than a bowstring a cut may heal but the cut of the tongue does not?
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What is the meaning of the qoute Stay Thirsy?

Stay thirsty means to keep an open heart and mind. This is a type of emotion.

A qoute by Alexander the great?

Tu madre!

What is Archimedes most famous qoute?

Eureeka !

Should you use ' when making qoute?

no. You use this: "

What is it called when you identify the source of an idea or qoute?


What does a qoute from the english bill of rites mean?

it is a pout

Are you a faggle?

qoute ''gandalf the white, YOU SHALL NOT PASS''

This is the sound of an AK47 what film is this qoute from?

heartbreak ridge

John Hancocks famous qoute?

i like muffins

Can you get a car qoute without having a car?


Who qoute there is no future for people who deny their past?

Marcus garvey!

Do you put a period in a qoute if it isn't the end of your sentence?

no you dont