What is it synergism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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drug synergism is when you mix together two or more drugs, such as wine, beer, pills, crap, and pot. when any of these drugs mix with another you get very high and results could be deathly.

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Q: What is it synergism?
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If you take two depresents together it may be the same as taking due to synergism?

due to synergism

How can you use the word synergism in a sentence?

The clinical trial studied the synergism between hormones and the prescription drugs. Adherents of religious synergism suggest that believers must cooperatively determine their own destiny.

The most dangerous aspect of synergism is?

the most dangeroys aspect of synergism is the< > effect a.subtractive b.additive or c. no

Which of the following occurs in situations where more than one hormone produces the same effects at the target cell and their combined effects are amplified?

Hormone synergism happens and produces results greater than the individual effects of the hormones involved.

Occurs when the effect of one drug is enhanced by the presence of another?

One term for it is potentiation.

What kind of effect is the most dangerous aspect of synergism?


Which is the process where two hormones work together to achieve a result?


Microbes that live independently but cooperate and share nutrients what it is called?


What is the magnified effect of drug interaction called?

An interaction.

What is the difference between synergism and antagonism?

Non-symbiotic -- organisms are free-living; relationships not required for survival--Synergism -- members cooperate and share nutrients--Antagonism -- some member are inhibited or destroyed by others

The interaction of one drug with another to enhance the effect of one or both?


The cooperative activity of drugs such as a beta lactams antibiotic and clavulanic acid is known as?