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due to synergism

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Q: If you take two depresents together it may be the same as taking due to synergism?
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Due to synergism if you take two depressants together it may be the same as taking?


Which of the following occurs in situations where more than one hormone produces the same effects at the target cell and their combined effects are amplified?

Hormone synergism happens and produces results greater than the individual effects of the hormones involved.

What is another medical term for synergism?

Potentiation is another medical term for synergism, which refers to the enhanced effect of two or more substances or actions working together to produce a greater effect than the sum of their individual effects.

Can you take Ativan and methotrexate at the same time?

There have been reports of people taking Atvian and methotrexate together at the same time. However taking both of these drugs together can increase the risk of side effects such as dizziness and drowsiness.

Can you mix benzodiazapines?

Only if they are prescribed by the same doctor and s/he knows you are taking them together.

Can you take tramadol and skelaxin together?

can you take skelaxin at the same time you are taking tramadol

Can robaxin and skelaxin be taken together?

No. Robaxin and Skelaxin should not be taking together. They are both in the same class of relaxant and therefore have the same effects AND possible side effects.

An unexpected effect that occurs when you take to two drugs at same time is called?

An unexpected effect that occurs when you take to two drugs at same time is called a drug interaction.

Can you take NyQuil and valtrex together?

If both drugs are needed at the same time, there is no problem in taking them together.. It won't affect the efficiency.

Is it okay to take metronidazole together with metformin?

Yes, there is no problem in taking those 2 drugs together, at the same moment or during the same day.

Can you take Concerta if you are taking suboxone?

If both drug are prescribed for the same person, yes they can be taken together.

Can you take 500mg Amoxicillin and 500mg Ciprofloxacin together?

No there is no point in taking ampiclox and amoxil together as amoxil and the ampi component in ampiclox are in the same group of penicillins