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Well I don’t actually know the answer my self.

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When a boy likes boys and girls, it is called friendship.

When someone is sexually interested in both males and females, the word is bisexual.

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Q: What is it called when a boy likes boys and girls?
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Why are boys shy of girls and like to look at us?

If a boy is shy of a girl and likes to look at her it means he likes her.

Do boys make passes at girls who wear glasses?

It all depends what the boy likes

Do girls choose if a boy likes her?

No, boys choose who they like, the girls unfortunately have no say in the matter. That doesn't mean that the girl has to like the boy though.

How many girls are there in the us?

I think you should be yourself , but nicer a boy likes a nices girls ,but if the boy likes you.You should find out why he likes about you, so you do not change it. Boys have to like you for a good reason, if not he just likes you for your money ,or for the gifts you give him.

What are the things a girl likes most?

Honesty, Loyalty, Respect.

What is the word for someone who likes boys and girls?

I like boy and girls what does that mean

What do boys think girls are attracted to?

teen boy likes a girl who is confident in theirself that what really attract them.

Why does Justin bieber like boys?

He dosent he likes girls he was a dance when he was 13 and he had his first kiss with a boy

How girl likes boy?

girls can easy in love with boys , some girls like boys cause some boys are handsome ,or some like boys cause boys are cute ,or some really love ,true love

How can you tell a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

How can you tell when a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

Can a boy ask a boy out?

yes they can but you see that is if the boy like other boys (gay) or if he is bisexual (liking both male and female ) but not if the boy likes other girls

Who should ask the other out first boys or girls?

A girl thinks its more traditional for the boy to ask and a boy likes it when a girl asks.