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Strictly speaking, the physics of CT scanning involves attenuation of the x-ray by tissues in a manner not always exactly congruent with density differences. Hyperattenuation is a better term than hyperdense for more white and bright on the image.

Hyperdense: More dense than brain. Hyperdense on CT shows more white and bright, like bone. Hyperdense abnormalities may be blood if acute, calcium, metal artifact, some tumours

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Q: What is hyper attenuation on a ct scan?
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A ct scan was performed on my son's head the patchy attenuation was in the pons area of the brainstem how serious is this and how should he follow up please?

Low attenuation can mean different things. Was it a CT scan or MRI, do you know if they used contrast. An area with low attenuation needs to be re-evaluated to see what it is. Why did he have the scan? Did he have a trauma/injury? Was he having headaches or other symptoms? What else did the doctors tell you?

What are patchy areas of low attenuation in the brainstem mean?

Since 'attenuation' is used, I assume they're talking about CT. Low attenuation means there's not as much tissue in that area blocking the x rays of the CT scanner, which could indicate atrophy in that region I believe. Yes a CT scan was performed on my son's head. It said the patchy attenuation was located in the pons area of the brain stem. How serious is this and how should he follow up?

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