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Can I smoke before ct scan

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Q: Can you smoke before a ct scan?
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Preparation for a ct scan abdomen?

should you eat before having a ct scan of the chest and abdomen

Why shouldn't you eat 4 hours before a brain ct scan?

Because it could pick up the food in your system on the ct scan

Can you drink water before a CT scan?

No. The doctor will ask you to urinate during the CT scan itself in order to get an accurate image.

Will a septum ring show up in a CT scan?

A septum ring will not show up in a CT scan because the jewellery will be removed before the scan is done. CT's and MRI's require that all jewellery be removed before the scans are done. This is standard hospital protocol and is not open to debate by the subject getting the scan.

Why ct scan done before lumbar puncture with meningitis?

bla . bla. lumber punkture is chu chu.. meningitis and the ct scan klerbatush...

Can you smoke before a PET scan?

No you cannot smoke before a PET scan because it will alter the results and it will be detecting in you system which may cause problems with the scanning process.

What medications should not be taken after a Contrast CT Scan?

There are no generally contraindicated medications after a contrast enhanced Ct Scan.

What is the computerized x-ray imaging in the transverse plane?

CT scan

Can you take ibuproben before a ct scan?

Depends on the medicine, ask the scanning professionals,.

Can you drink very weak coffee before a ct scan on the kidney?

No you cant you anon

What does CT scan stand for?

cat scan

How should I prepare for a CT scan?

If a contrast medium must be administered,the patient may be asked to fast from about four to six hours prior to the procedure.Pregnant women or those who could possibly be pregnant should not have a CT scan unless the diagnostic benefits outweigh.risks